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Blackberry Shortcuts

Posted by leavewithsmile on June 1, 2010

I have a lot of friends that uses blackberry for long time before i use it. And the sad thing is that they don’t know if there is a blackberry shortcuts that can make things easier. Please note that this shortcuts only works with keypad-type blackberry, not a touch screen-type blackberry. So, I’m sorry for Storm users, you can’t have these shortcuts.

Okay, usually, if you press any button (such as: A, B, C, etc) from your Home Screen, it will directly goes to the contact list-screen. If that happened, then your shortcut is not activated yet.

To activate it, first, you have to go to Call History screen. How to do that? You can simply press the green button (that you usually use it for phone call). In the screen, press the button. Choose Options > General Options. Make sure the Dial From Home Screen is set to NO. After that, press again and save it. That’s it!

Now you already activated your blackberry shortcut. Try to use it from your Home Screen. Here are the list of the shortcut:
A : Contact List
B : Browser
C : Create Email
D : Memo
F : Profile
G : Google Talk
H : Help
K : Key Lock (Not compatible with OS 5.0)
L : Calendar
M : Message Application
N : Blackberry Messenger
O : Options
P : Place Call
Q : (N/A), but you can install Qsms application to activate this button to quick send sms
S : Search
T : Tasks
U : Calculator
V : Saved Messages
Y : Yahoo Messenger

Enjoy your new experience.

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