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Autotext Blackberry for Windows

Posted by leavewithsmile on December 3, 2012

Hi there, if you are a blackberry user, I believe you already know about how to use autotext. Autotext is a service in blackberry where we can substitute text / phrase with a long sentence or words.

Let’s say you set a text “gws” to replace “get well soon” in your blackberry. Everytime you type gws + space, the word “get well soon” will automatically replace gws. It’s very easy to use and really helpful.

Now, let’s go back to laptop. You want to use it on your laptop / PC. If yes, then you need to install WordExpander !! You may get it here. It’s very easy to use. Just download, install and execute. It will go to our tray icon. You may create new phrase -> put description + shortcut. In blackberry, the service automatically available everytime. But in windows, you need to execute the application. You may tick “Start with Windows” to have it all the time. 

In blackberry, the autotext substitutes when we press space. In windows, you’re free to use whatever button. I suggest to use tab button since it’s near. You can set this in File -> Options -> Phrase Detection.

Happy discovering!


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