Leave With Smile

To leave the world with a smile..


Posted by leavewithsmile on December 5, 2015

I write this while listening to the cool cover. That’s also the reason behind the title. I suggest you hear it too while reading this.


Life is not about lay back and sleeping
Like we always prefer to
Life is not about whining and complaining
Like we always do

Feel the energy
Move your body
I really like the rain
I know you have it always

Nothing is ever understand me like you do
You’re as modest as the rainbow
There will be no beauty of colors
Without the darkness of the cloud

I know it might still dark
And the worse might still come
Yet please don’t pour the rain of sadness
Instead pour us rain of happiness

Cause there’ll be no other thing
And you have it all to be happy
Cause you have it all to be proud
Like I’m always proud of you

And the colors are blending
Just like our feelings
And it’s moving forward
Beyond the Technicolor!

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